Nostos, Leichhardt

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Wow. Wow wow wow.

Everything about our experience at Nostos was positive – from the initial warmth and friendliness of the staff on the phone when making a booking, to our host leaving the restuarant to personally thank us for our patronage at the end of the night.

My only question is, how can they make such beautiful, fresh, quality food at such reasonable prices? And with such personal and attentive service?

We ordered the  banquet with a few alterations, a meagre $39.50 each including corkage, and the owner said he’d change anything to suit our tastes – very accomodating! Everything was amazing…

Trio of dips

Best taramasolata ever. Oh yes.

Greek salad

The tomatoes were sweet and full-flavoured, the feta intense yet not overpowering.


Mmm, keep the leftover olive oil and juices to mop up with bread.

Haloumi with balsamic reduction

Well, haloumi is haloumi. As amazing as it was, really, how can you improve on fried haloumi with lemon?

Melinzanes (fried eggplant and zucchini things)

These were a special request of ours – some of our party weren’t that keen on the cold octopus so we got this instead (though our host said we could have both!) and I’m so glad we did. They were perfectly crisp, soft inside, with an unusual mustardy sauce and skordalia. Even the non-eggplant/zucchini lovers rated this as the best surprise dish of the night!

Feta pancake

Our host brought this as an extra surprise entree, and it was most appreciated. The dish was rich and salty with feta but perfectly moist and went well with the ripe cherry tomatoes accompanying it.

Chorizo and lima beans

I wasn’t expecting this dish to be anything amazing, but man it was good! The chorizo was beautifully smoky and the beans and sauce slightly sweet and delicate.


Ohhhhhhhh. Calamari of perfection. That is all.

Marinated mushrooms

These mushrooms were really good, but were more of a delicious accompaniment to the other dishes than amazing on their own.

Slow-roast shoulder of lamb

Well, we didn’t need knives for this lamb. It fell off the bone as soon as you looked at it. The sweetness of roasted garlic was strong enought to contrast the lamb and the accompanying lemon potatoes and beans helped to cut through the richness as well. Yum.

Keftedes (Greek meatballs)

“Now that is a meatball.” (I said that after the first meatball.) Delicate, smooth meatballs in a light and delicious sauce. Oh my.

Dessert platter – galaktobouriko, baklava and walnut cake with yoghurt and honey

The desserts were lovely. We could smell the spices and honey as soon as the plate arrived. We couldn’t decide on a  winner out of the desserts though, as all of us had a different favourite. If I could have my dinner again, the only thing I’d change would be to order my coffee to arrive with the desserts. But that’s it, everything else was absolutely perfect. Sitting out in the courtyard was a good way to enjoy a more quiet and relaxed ambience, rather than the rather noisy craziness of the inside of the restaurant!


121 Norton St, Leichhardt NSW 2040

9550 0144

Open for dinner Wed – Sun, lunch Sun only

BYO wine only, cards accepted

4 thoughts on “Nostos, Leichhardt

    • I really recommend you do, I’ve been three times now and each time has been fantastic. Take your own wine, order the banquet and you’ll be full and very satisfied for less than $50 each!

    • I’ve been four times since, and have never been disappointed! I have Greek family so I’ve been to a few good places around Sydney – Greek Islands in earlwood (I think it’s moved now though), steki, Corinthian Rotisserie, Scorpio’s. Any others you recommend? Perama is just around the corner from me and has been on my wishlist for ages…

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