• Ha Noi Quan, Marrickville

    Pho Ha Noi Quan on Urbanspoon
    I had never been to Ha Noi Quan before tonight. Being a huge fan of both Old Thanh Huong and Pho Bac Hai Duong on Illawarra Rd, I usually end up at the former for salt and pepper/chilli and lemongrass cravings, and the latter for pho and banh xeo cravings. However tonight I was invited to try Ha Noi Quan with my two lovely friends Ms Y and Mr K and I was very excited! 🙂 Continue reading

  • Tetsuya’s, Sydney

    Tetsuya's on Urbanspoon
    For my 30th birthday, my lovely lovely man Mr Black took me to Tetsuya’s. After 5 years of waiting and wishing and imagining, I am happy to say it lived up to all my expectations! (The foodie hipsters who ‘don’t like it’ on Urbanspoon are just picking tall poppies and should get over themselves.) In my opinion, there are no words which can do justice to the experience, the gastronomic adventure that is Tetsuya’s. So instead I’ve posted below photos which I took of most of the dishes – the large photos are of the absolute star dishes, though every dish was sublime! Sorry about the poor quality 😦 Continue reading