Tim Ho Wan, Hong Kong

I have to admit, I actually chose my hotel in Hong Kong according to its proximity to Tim Ho Wan, the world’s cheapest Michelin starred restaurant. Is that obsessive?!
I ate here three times, each time arriving by 9.30am to join (or start!) the queue which, by 10.30am, snakes around the corner.

First in line at Tim Ho Wan!

While in line, you get an ordering slip and a pencil to choose your dishes. I got a Cantonese one – but hey, when in Hong Kong – so I chose some random stuff for fun! Once inside I could look at some pictures on the menu placemat thingy too, plus they brought me an English ordering menu (they were very nice!).

Inside menu/placemat

Ok so here’s the joy – first up, rice roll stuffed with pig’s liver. I’m not into offal, but I’ll give anything a try, and this was a wonderful surprise… Light, chewy, delicate rice rolls, rich pasty-ish liver. Good stuff.

Rice noodle rolls with pig liver

I’d heard about their fatty, crispy, “baked” version of chau siew bau and made sure I got some. My word, they are something to behold! They were incredibly rich and delicious – I just wish I’d been with someone to share them with, as I had to eat all three by myself 😉

“Baked” barbeque pork buns

My personal favourite were these beauties…

The pure simple goodness of prawn dumplings!

These are always my favourite at yum cha, and these were some of the best I’ve ever had. A bit of chilli sauce and they’re heaven on Earth. The sui mai, meatballs (with some kind of tangeriney peel frangrance arghlghlghl) and pork ribs were all perfect as well.

Sui mai, meatballs and pork ribs

These were the surprise for me – dumplings with peanuts and greens, which I’ve tried before at yum cha (usually Zilver I think) and have enjoyed, but these were a bit magic – the combination of textures was spot on.

Vegetable and peanut dumplings of joy

All in all, I was a very happy woman by 10.30am. Then, off for dessert – freshly cooked, fragrant, wobbly egg tarts. Hundreds of them! On every street corner! Honk Kong I love you xxx




Tim Ho Wan
Daily 10am-10pm
Shop 8, 2-20
Kwong Wa Street
Mong Kok
Phone +852 2332 2896


One thought on “Tim Ho Wan, Hong Kong

  1. Good Day,

    Came to your blog via Urbanspoon! So how long were you in HK for during this trip? Actually I grew up in Melbourne but funnily enough now writing mostly about HK food, but will be going back to Melb soon for a short period! *And I never took photos of food before for all those years until last year and a half! Love Sydney for fine dining, and Melb for down-to-earth but drop dead gorgeous for that’s for sharing : P HK for cheap and versatile food offerings!


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