Fujiyama, Leichhardt

Fujiyama on Urbanspoon

My mum and I come here all the time now, having fallen in love with their ‘Black Horenso’…

Essentially it is the common Japanese spinach/sesame dish but made AMAZING through the use of black sesame. It is worth getting at least 1 order per 2 people as it is hard to share! Other successful dishes include their excellent value sushi sashimi dish at $26, including an oyster with beautiful spicy dressing, fresh scallops, plus the usual assortment of sushi delights.
Mr Black is missing the sushi gene so he often chooses noodle dishes such as this beef yaki udon. I loooove fried udon, and he loooves this dish, but for me it is a little too sweet. The beef is superb, flavorsome and tender, obviously good quality.
Mr Black also ordered some tempura tuna rolls with a funny name, Spicy Boy maybe, which were gorgeous to look at and delicious! The slight crunch balanced the richness of the mayo chilli sauce.

It’s only ever about $25pp including corkage, tea, etc. Love that! Plus they have Cinderella sweeping the Zen garden. I hope it’s meant to be as funny as I think it is.

161 Norton St
02 9518 1918

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