LaZat Cooking School, Kuala Lumpur

My week in Kuala Lumpur was a full-on, fantasy food fest – and a huge highlight was my time learning to cook Malaysian dishes at LaZat. Each day at LaZat was such a treat, cooking with wonderful people, in a wonderful location, with wonderful food!

We turned this…

…into this! (kuih cara berlauk)

My nasi lemak with prawn sambal – I even cut fancy eggs!

Me, Ana and my sago gula melaka – heaven in a glass bowl!

I’m not going to put all the recipes up – if you want to learn how to cook the dishes, go to LaZat! The following photos are from the more Chinese menu, Menu B: Deep-fried chicken and prawn wontons (with the delectable homemade sweet chilli sauce), crab sang choy bau, char kway teow and bubur cha-cha (yam, sweet potato and sago in coconut milk).

Fried chicken and prawn wontons

Crab sang choy bau

My char kway teow



Bubur cha-cha

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