Dumpling King, Newtown

Dumpling King on UrbanspoonWhen this place first opened a couple of years ago, Mr Black and I were sooo excited. We were also anxious that it might not survive, being one of Newtown’s gazillion restaurants on King Street. Happily, Dumpling King is still there and (deservedly) busy!

The menu is extensive, as you can see – this is only half of it! Other must-try dishes are shredded pork with pancakes, chilli eggplant hotpot, eggplant in Beijing sauce and all of the salt and pepper dishes.

One of the things I love about this place is that they have all my favorite north Chinese dishes, as well as delicious dumplings. Having said that, the night I took these photos we were in need of a dumpling fix!

Fried northern style pork dumplings

Mr Black loves fried northern style pork dumplings; the ones here are really nice, crispy and not too oily (though they can’t beat the ones at New Shanghai in Ashfield!).

Steamed prawn dumplings and steamed vegetarian dumplings

I always get the steamed vegetarian dumplings here as they are the best I’ve had in Sydney. They’re a little chewy and doughy on the outside, and are filled with a combination of cabbage, soft tofu and veges. Even Mr Black likes these, and he doesn’t really care for vegetarian dumplings in general.

Steamed vegetarian dumpling with chilli oil

Dishes of soy and sultry, smoky chilli oil – plus black vinegar (on request)

One last dish we ordered on this (and every!) occasion is the Chinese cabbage in vinegar sauce. I first tried this at North China Noodle Restaurant in Chinatown and it was love at first bite – and Dumpling King do it beautifully, with a little fresh chilli and a loooot of garlic. Lush.

And one more thing, they bring you chilled water and glasses without asking, are BYO and licensed, and have a cool upstairs/outdoor/courtyard section great for groups and hot nights!

3 thoughts on “Dumpling King, Newtown

  1. Just went there today and after living in China for 3 years, these are the best northern dumplings i’ve had so far in Sydney.
    A plate full of boiled dumplings with a bowl of chilli and vinegar for dipping. I accidently inhaled the whole lot then was rather upset at my empty plate.
    Will definitely be returning!
    p.s now they have lunch specials with everything $7 a dish – how can you go wrong?!

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