Homemade za’atar spice mix

Jars of za’atar

I make this in bulk and give little jars of it as Christmas gifts. It’s simple, cheap (you can by all the herbs and spices in bulk – I buy mine in Lakemba) and delicious! Basically you mix up the following in a mortar and pestle and give it a bit of a smash (not too fine or it’ll become powder – you want it coarse).

2 tablespoons dried oregano
8 tablespoons ground thyme
1 tablespoon whole thyme
2 tablespoons ground marjoram
4-5 tablespoons sumac
4-5 tablespoons toasted sesame seeds
6 teaspoons salt crystals (Maldon is lovely)

Combine all ingredients. Taste and adjust as you like. (I love an extra dash of sumac!)

Pack into jars – ensure jars are clean and sterile and have an airtight seal and your za’atar will last for months.

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