Wagaya, Haymarket

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For a Christmas dinner with some special ladies, I decided we should try Wagaya – I’d heard good things about the food, the location was central, and the idea of ordering on touch screens really appealed to my inner nerd. (You can also check your bill summary as you go, a great way to keep an eye on the cost.)

Touchy touchy screeny screeny

So I made a booking for 8pm (we were told booking any earlier would mean we had to be out by 8pm and that wasn’t going to happen) and less than 10 seconds later I received a confirmation text on my iPhone. Efficient!

We started with some edamame, gyoza (took a while to find them under “a la carte” section on menu screen) and takoyaki. The takoyaki all disappeared before I got to photograph them sorry! They were small but very good!

Gyoza (6 per serve – someone couldn’t wait for me to take a photo before grabbing one!)

We decided sushi and sashimi was next, and asked a waiter for a huge amount of ginger because we love it. Ummmmm. It was really good, fresh and generous (they provided four scallops for four of us!).

Small (!) sushi and sashimi plate – again, someone nicked a sashimi prawn before the photo was taken 😉

Then we ordered salmon yakitori and chicken yakitori (2 per serve) which had a lovely flavour but were not mind-blowing, and I found the salmon a little dry. I’ll try the deep-fried salmon skin instead next time!

Salmon yakitori

Chicken yakitori

We were feeling a little full at this point (I know it doesn’t look like much but it really was) but I had to order the sushi roulette – six salmon sushi, one of which was packed full of wasabi. I didn’t get it, which was both a relief and a little bit of a disappointment at the same time!

But here’s the amazing bit – the total bill was $89, including corkage, rice, etc – less than $25 pp is such amazing value for great food and a lovely atmosphere. I will DEFINITELY be back!

One thought on “Wagaya, Haymarket

  1. Huzzah! Glad you liked it! So true about trying to get the photo taken before someone hooks into the food! I always feel a bit bad, squawking “WAIT, wait!” while I take a photo!! Definitely difficult when you’re sharing food and having to wait until 8 for dinner!!!

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