My family’s traditional plum chicken skewers

Years ago my brother learnt a great recipe for chicken skewers which is really simple and loved by everyone – even kids and fussy eaters. 

1. Finely blend two small brown onions.

2. Rub this through 1.5kg chicken thigh fillets which have been trimmed and cut into bite-size pieces.

3. Then pour in half a jar of hoisin sauce, half a jar of plum sauce and mix well.

4. Marinate for at least 24 hours to make them really flavoursome.

5. Barbeque over a high heat until a little charred and smoky.

As soon as I remove them form the barbecue I squeeze over some lemon or lime juice – it sinks straight in and helps to keep them juicy, even if you keep them in the oven for a while as you finish barbecuing other things.


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