Tetsuya’s, Sydney

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For my 30th birthday, my lovely lovely man Mr Black took me to Tetsuya’s. After 5 years of waiting and wishing and imagining, I am happy to say it lived up to all my expectations! (The foodie hipsters who ‘don’t like it’ on Urbanspoon are just picking tall poppies and should get over themselves.) In my opinion, there are no words which can do justice to the experience, the gastronomic adventure that is Tetsuya’s. So instead I’ve posted below photos which I took of most of the dishes – the large photos are of the absolute star dishes, though every dish was sublime! Sorry about the poor quality 😦

My take-home menu, complete with wine list and a happy birthday message

Marinated NZ scampi with avocado soup and avruga

Confit Petuna ocean trout with konbu, celery and apple

Fillet of barramundi with grilled artichoke and garlic puree

Pancetta wrapped quail breast with fresh sprouts and onion

Seared veal fillet with sea urchin and wasabi butter

Blood orange sorbet and summer pudding

Golden peach with peach granita

Chocolate pave with cream cheese ice-cream and cinnamon twigs

Chocolate fondant with hazelnut and praline

A very full and happy birthday girl 🙂

The wines were absolutely fantastically gorgeous as well – I highly recommend getting the accompanying wine course at $90pp (incredibly good value!), but there’s no way in hell anyone could not be a bit “bien” (as the French would say) after that many wine courses. Even Mr Black was a bit tipsy.

As I have mentioned before, poor Mr Black was born missing the seafood gene. So by request his menu was altered slightly so that he got the vegetarian option instead of the seafood courses, but didn’t miss out on the meat and poultry dishes. Here are a few of the dishes he was brought instead of seafood:

Salt-baked carrot and beetroot with something else scrummy I can’t remember

Goats’ cheese tortelloni with butter and something

Freshly set curd with nasturtium and pumpkin

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