Melbourne musings…

Tomorrow Mr Black and I fly to Melbourne for a four night city getaway. I haven’t been to Melbourne since a disastrous, drunken, spent-all-my-money-in-one-night-and-don’t-remember-it weekend when I was twenty. This time, I’m going to do it right – I’ve already started planning (and booking) a few places at which I’d like to eat.

I mapped my Melbourne wishlist on Urbanspoon.

So we decided to stay at Cube Apartments in the CBD, which the reviews on TripAdvisor say is awesome – and is super close to loads of cafes, shops, restuarants, bars etc. I want to go to!

Map of Melbourne CBD showing location of Cube Apartments

The first restuarant on my list (and within walking distance, yay) is MoVida. We’ve been meaning to go for tapas for ages and MoVida seemed like a great opportunity. Of course, less than a week in advance there are no dinner bookings left, so Friday lunch it must be.

I’m also looking forward to trying Pellegrino’s Espresso Bar, for what looks like good coffee and old-school Italian dishes (minus huge price-tag and schmancy garnishes, thanks be to Jebus).

Click to go to Lord of The Fries on Urbanspoon

And on account of its name alone, Lord of The Fries is a must. Mr Black has a fetish for Belgian style mayo or ‘sauce pommes frites’ so he’ll be happy with this choice too. (I won’t tell him it’s vego though, not till afterwards!)

Tackiest promo pics ever! Love it!

As for entertainment, we’ve bought a couple of games at Rockstar Bowling down the road. We got them very cheaply through OurDeal – $9 each for two games and shoe hire, and they serve food and drinks to you while you play! Looks fantastically tacky and fun!

Any other ideas or suggestions??! Also hoping to catch up with lovely friends with little baby who just moved to South Yarra, so baby-friendly late lunch/afternoon coffee places would be great too (South Yarra, Prahran or CBD)!

4 thoughts on “Melbourne musings…

  1. European is an old fave of mine … It’s also close to the rooftop Siglo
    Bar, which is still pretty nifty despite the hype 🙂
    For South Yarra – Basque Bar does great Tapas, I’ve also eaten well at on Chapel St. Finally for now: on Little Collins – great tapas
    style Mediterranean joint. Can provide more if you like ; someone
    should benefit from too many work trips down south ! Enjoy

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