Il Goloso, Haberfield

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I’ve been enjoying trying new places on the cheap thanks to websites such as OurDeal, JumpOnIt etc. Our trip to Il Goloso was my Christmas present from Mr Black and we decided to visit in that uninspiring week between Christmas and New Year when  most places are shut for holidays.

It was a warm, sunny evening and when we arrived at 7.30 there were already quite a few people sitting on the front paved area and in the little courtyard at the side. Inside was a little cooler and quieter but still had a bright and welcoming atmosphere and lovely sense of space.

Il Goloso

Il Goloso

I started with a chinotto (a childhood favourite) which, for those who’ve never had it, is a sort of bitter coca-cola. An “acquired taste” Mr Black informs me. 🙂 I also tried a glass of the house white – the Italian pinot grigio for $6 (there’s also a $5 something or other Australian white) which was delicious! I must write down the name of it next time I go. They have a huge range of wines which also adorn the walls…. Interesting.

Un bicchiere di chinotto

Our deal included a glass of house wine, entree, pizza or pasta and dessert each. For entree Mr Black chose bocconcini di ricotta e spinaci which, as I informed Mr Black would not be balls of cheese but in fact dumplings of spinach and ricotta (bocconcini simply means “little mouthfuls”).

They were little mouthfuls of heaven! So crisp, so light inside with a deliciously delicate flavour of spinach, ricotta and lemon. And a bed of fresh peppery rocket lightly dressed to make it nearly a meal in itself.

Bocconcini di ricotta e spinaci

I chose the fiori di zucca (zucchini flowers) from the specials menu. I haven’t had them in years and my past experience has been with them stuffed with ricotta (such as Il Perugino, Mosman) but these were stuffed with something which tasted like sardine and lemon. YUM! And the baby greens underneath were, again, beautifully lightly seasoned and dressed to complement the dish.

Fiori di zucca

We were very, very happy with our entrees. Next we tried pizza ‘Goloso’ (bianco with mozzarella, rocket, prosciutto and provolone) and linguine with asparagus, prawns, cherry tomatoes and garlic.

Pizza ‘Goloso’

Linguine with asparagus, prawns, cherry tomatoes and garlic

The pasta was great, simple and made well with quality ingredients. Same goes for the pizza (which was HUGE!) and we enjoyed them both. We weren’t blown away by them, but agreed it was probably our choices which could’ve been better. Plus I love that they offer fourteen pizzas with salsa (tomato) and twelve pizzas bianco (no tomato)! We had no room dessert, despite being intrigued by the ENORMOUS and decadent-looking Nutella pizza delivered to the next table! Next time – and there will be a next time, when we are near Haberfield and want some good value Italian (and a delicious glass of wine!).

Oh and you have to love a waitress grinding you fresh pepper from a grinder nearly as tall as herself. 🙂

Phallic much?

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