Ben Ngu, Marrickville

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While shopping in Marrickville with my lovely mother, I suddenly realised that the hunger monster was hot on my heels. So we headed towards the nearest Vietnamese joint and quickly perused the (enormous) menu.

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We decided to get two dishes to share: grilled beef salad and the classic bun thit nuong. Uncertain whether this would be enough for two very hungry ladies-who-lunch, we consulted the waitress who suggested we have some rice or an entree as well. So four goi cuon (fresh spring rolls) were added to the order.

Now the goi cuon did come with four rolls, but my mum scoffed one before I could take a photo. 🙂 While not the best I’ve ever had in Marrickville, they were nevertheless fresh and tasty, full of juicy prawns and accompanied by a good sized bowl of hoisin/peanut dipping sauce.

Goi cuon

Next came the beef salad, which was served surrounded by prawn crackers (yay) in which to scoop mouthfuls of salad. The beef was tender but a little bland except for the generous grinding of pepper. However the salad was well balanced with greens/beef/onion/peanuts and a light, not overly sweet dressing alongside.

Beef salad

The bun thit nuong arrived straight after the beef salad, which was great because we could try both and compare the flavours directly. The pork was very caramelised, and unfortunately a little overcooked and chewy. It didn’t matter much though, and we enjoyed the salad, sprouts and vermicelli hiding underneath. The dressing it came with was much stronger on the fish sauce (no complaints here!) and more sour than sweet – nuoc cham style.

Bun thit nuong

We were very satisfied with our “light” lunch, especially as the bill was less than $30 for everything. The service was friendly and efficient, and I’d recommend this place as a decent, reasonably priced spot to try if you’re hungry and nearby.

It didn’t quite compare with Pho Bac Hai Duong though, sorry!

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