Old Thanh Huong, Marrickville

Old Thanh Huong on Urbanspoon

I have been to Old Thanh Huong more times than I can remember. It’s a staple for us when we’re after a quick Vietnamese dinner, particularly because it has a lot of the more Chinese-style Vietnamese dishes (see the bottom two photos) which Mr Black loves, Thai-influenced dishes AND amazing specials like the Vietnamese ‘ravioli’. Plus their salt & chilli and chilli & lemongrass tofu/squid/meat/whatever are the best!

I’ve added a few photos I took on my iPhone a while ago, but on our next visit I’ll be taking my new Canon S95 (love!) and take some proper food porn shots. 🙂

Old Thanh Huong

Old Thanh Huong specials


Vietnamese ‘ravioli’

Vietnamese ‘ravioli’

Pork with spring onion and ginger

Can’t remember…

2 thoughts on “Old Thanh Huong, Marrickville

  1. LOL at the ‘Can’t remember’ dish! I have done that so many times as well. 😦 Congrats on getting a nice new camera for your food photos! You’ll never look back. Or even forward. Just probably through the viewfinder from now on. 🙂

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