Nasi daun pisang


Working in Lakemba is a both good and bad for a foodie. Good in that there is an incredible variety of authentic, down-to-earth, international restaurants and bakeries everywhere you look. Bad in that one has to restrain oneself from the very strong temptation to eat a shangleesh for breakfast from Al Cheik bakery and nasi daun pisang for lunch from a local Indo supermarket every day of the week.

But if you’re simply passing through, you have to try the banana-leaf wrapped parcels of deliciousness known as nasi daun pisang ($4ish) from the supermarket near the station.

Sticky, glutinous rice; tender, fall-apart meat; crispy anchovies; strips of fried egg, and deep-fried peanuts. Oh and a warming chilli sauce on the side 🙂

Nasi Daun Pisang


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