Albee’s Kitchen, Campsie

Albee's Kitchen on Urbanspoon Tonight my passion for Malaysian food took us to Albee’s Kitchen in Campsie, which I’ve been hearing about for a while. It sounded like just my kind of place – simple decor, straightforward service and all the focus on the food.

The walls were covered in signs for specials such as sambal udang with petai, lo bak (crispy pork and prawn meat roll) and deep-fried curry flavoured pork belly, ALL of which I was desperate to try. But I am only one woman!

Firstly we got some hot tea, in a teapot which actually poured without spilling tea everywhere. It was yum.

Mr Black loves nasi lemak with beef rendang, so he ordered it. Like the last time we ate Malaysian. And the time before… 🙂

Nasi lemak with beef rendang

The anchovies were beautifully crispy! I kept stealing them and dipping them in the anchovy sambal accompaniment. The nasi lemak itself had a real hit of pandan and was perfectly cooked and moist. The rendang was great, tender, rich, and fragrant – but still not comparable to Old Town Koptitiam in Melbourne. The search for Sydney’s best rendang continues! Mr Black also hates chunks of squidgy meat fat (which I love) and he did get a big one at the end, poor thing. If I’d noticed it, I would’ve scoffed it first!

I liked the sound of Malaysian red-cooked chicken, and I wasn’t disappointed. Chicken on the bone, stewed in deliciousness of slighty spicy, piquant, almost sambal-esque type sauce. I also got a hint of something else… kaffir lime? I’ve never had this dish before, or even read a recipe for it, but I’ll be making this myself very soon!

Malaysian red-cooked chicken

To create a pretense of our meal being vaguely healthy, I ordered a vegetable dish. Amazingly NOT my usual kangkong belachan tonight – I went crazy and decided to try the eggplant belachan instead.

Eggplant belachan

It was a lovely texture, ever so slightly caramelised on the edges, and topped with crispy fried shallots. And of course belachan and chilli are always delicious. However I do have to say, while it was a great eggplant dish, I think the richness was just too much for me with the other dishes and next time I’ll get the kangkong instead. Or the beans belachan. Or the bok choy belachan.

As a very indulgent treat for myself, I also ordered (!) a quarter serve of Hainanese chicken. I love it, so clean and delicate and wholesome. And Albee’s version rocked the plate. The chicken was soft and flavoursome, and the accompanying sauces – especially the chilli – ohhhhh. I’ll come back here just for this!

Hainanese chicken

We had to take more than half the chicken and eggplant home as there was no way we were going to get anywhere near finishing it. The bill came to $44, i.e. $22 each, but if we’d ordered more sensibly we could easily have filled up for less than $15 each.

Mmm, I can still taste that poached chicken and lusciously vinegary chilli sauce…

6 thoughts on “Albee’s Kitchen, Campsie

  1. I’m eager to try this place too, especially as it’s not too far. Did you really order two chicken dishes? Something I’d do too! LOL

    Interesting to see hainan chicken sitting in a pool of sauce though.

  2. Hainam Chicken is of my favourite dishes and I try to have one everywhere I go in the world. Had it in Hong Kong, Bangkok and even Cambodia on my recent trip, reading your post brought back the memories!

  3. I observed people just expected their food to be tasty, Nobody demanded their food to be BOTH tasty and of good sanitary standards, given I am placing my health & wellbeing into the hands of shop owners. I usually asked to go ladies each time I go out to eat, so that I can check out their kitchens on my way. I am very glad with my sleuthing efforts…Delicious food & excellent quality this one ! Hopefully one day more restuarant and shops will pay more attention to not just our taste buds, but also the sanitary standards behind the food we pay for !!

  4. Would not go back and would not recommend this place. I went last week, in June12. Not sure if the chefs left cos the food pic above did not match what we ate.

    FOOD: kfc anyone? ask yourself if a Malyasian restaurant cant get Laska right plus they don’t have roti bread! its more like a chinese style restaurant with sub par Malysian food
    Probably the worst seafood laksa i tried in sydney, it was like a curry pasta chinese style soup. You get better laksas in food court, Not rich in flavour creamy coconut/chilli you get at chinese maly on hunter st city.
    The nasi lemak beef the rice was luke warm and beef not that tender. I Would not go back and would not recommend this place.

    SERVICE: more friendly if you buy a bubble tea, if you order water forget it.

    AMBIENCE: i didnt expect white table cloths but I am use to asian bistro dining but seriously….more comfortable squatting in rufugee boat from Vietnam, my girlfriend and I had to walk past the kitchen to sit cramp with 6 ugly mainlanders table in like refugees.

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