Yum cha at Marigold Citymark, Haymarket

Marigold Citymark on Urbanspoon I have been going to yum cha since I can remember. My Chinese step-grandfather, know affectionately as “grandad”,  grew up in an Australia where he couldn’t embrace and celebrate his Chinese heritage. So since I was a toddler, my mum, step-dad, brother, sister and I would take him to yum cha for every occasion we could. Back in my day (the eighties) we used to go to Regal or Marigold on Sussex St. They were both HUGE and awe-inspiring with soaring ceilings and an incredible atmosphere. Chinese New Year at either place was a crazy, noisy, insane experience!

The two restaurants have now merged into Marigold Citimark, which I’ve only been to for yum cha once before -my childhood memories of the other Marigold always makes it a little poignant for me when I go to Citimark.

Anyhow, it’s time to embrace the new! Mr Black and I go to Zilver every time we yum cha, as we’ve found it has the most incredible variety and quality of yum cha in Chinatown. However, it is a little pricier than some others, so when invited to join friends for a morning at Marigold Citimark we decided to give it a go.

It was unusually quiet the Saturday that we went, with empty tables at 11am. Is this normal?! And it took us nearly an hour to get har gau. And I couldn’t find any egg tarts when I needed them. That bit wasn’t so good, but in general the food was. I won’t write about each dish in detail; suffice to say, the overall quality was very good. I didn’t really get into the deep-fried dumplings but the steamed ones were great, and the soft-shell crab very moreish. I have to say though, I’ll still choose Zilver over Marigold – it has all my favourites, and they bring them quickly and frequently, and I love the busy atmosphere. It takes me back to my childhood… (And we always order cha sui bau and egg tarts – grandad’s favourites 🙂 )

Enjoy the photos!

Ubiquitous (and very necessary) green veg

Prawn chee cheong fun

Fried pork dumpling of some variety (not potstickers though)

Tofu stuffed with prawn mince in a light black bean sauce

Mmmm prawny tofu goodness 🙂

I liked these stuffed tofu pillows, but they were quite plain compared to our other dishes so I beefed them up a bit with chilli and soy.

Hardcore food porn in the form of fried cheong fun with peanut and hoisin sauces

Steamed dumplings with pine nuts, peanuts, mushrooms and celery (like chiu chao, only vege)

I’ve never had dumplings with pine nuts before!

Deep-fried dumplings with something or other (I didn’t try them, I’m not so into the deep-fried ones)

Har gau – at last!!!

There’s nothing like a Coke with yum cha. I don’t know why, it’s just good.

There was actually an embarassing number of Coke bottles around the table…

Mango pancakes

I don’t get mango pancakes. What’s so good about fake cream and fake mango (aka fango)?

6 thoughts on “Yum cha at Marigold Citymark, Haymarket

    • Space food! That’s what they remind me of!

      I’m not hugely into Chinese sweets. Egg tarts I love, the rest is usually too sweet/fluffy/full of cream for me.
      Malaysian sweets, however… 🙂

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