Tra Mi Vietnamese Restaurant, Marrickville

Tra Mi on Urbanspoon I tried takeaway from Tra Mi the other day while doing a spot of grocery shopping in Marrickville. As soon as I saw my old favourite, Go’i Bo Kho (a green papaya and carrot salad with herbs and dried strips of beef) I had to order it. This was the first dish my friend and I ate in Vietnam, squatting on little plastic chairs on the streets of Hanoi. We had no idea what it was or what it was called, so for the rest of the trip we called it “nom” because of the sign above the restaurant. So appropriate!

Our first taste of Vietnam, back in 2005

Within 3 or 4 minutes, I was leaving Tra Mi with a surprisingly large tub of salad and separate dressing. The suspense on the drive back home was killing me!

I was feeling very excited… Look at all that dried beef…

Beautifully presented 😉

It was AMAZING! Took me right back to Hanoi. I couldn’t get enough. Every element was perfect – delicate shreds of crisp green papaya and sweet carrot, loads of delicious dried beef and peanuts, a traditional combination of fresh herbs and loads of perfectly balanced dressing. And only $10!

I can’t recommend any other dishes (yet), but on the basis of their outstanding goi bo kho I’d definitely go back and try the rest! NOM NOM NOM

Tra Mi

3 thoughts on “Tra Mi Vietnamese Restaurant, Marrickville

  1. I love this place, cheap, massive portions, tasty, exceedingly smiley staff whenever I’ve been there.

    Highly recommend the vermicelli soup with fishcake and deep-fried fish, and the vietnamese drinks are authentically lurid colours and full of slimey awesomeness!

    I keep meaning to go back and have the bullfrog, may get it with side order of “nom” 🙂

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