Masterclass with Tetsuya Wakuda @ Radisson Plaza, Sydney

For the second year running, Tony Bilson’s ‘Cuisine Now’ initiative has hosted masterclasses with some of Australia’s top chefs. This year, I went to one with my food hero, Tetsuya Wakuda, aka Tets. The food was incredible, and Tets made it seem easy to make (although it probably isn’t!). My friend Alex and both bought his recipe book which he signed for us, and have planned a six course degustation Tetsuya dinner for friends in March, with matching wines. That will be a long and exciting blog post! Stay tuned! Here are some photos from the day. I’ll send the recipes to you if you ask nicely 🙂

Free Pellegrino with wax coated paper straws! Retro!

Tets making tuna tartare

Tuna tartare with goats cheese and shiso

Tets trying (and failing) to get the induction stove to turn on! 🙂

 Seared tuna with apple and olive

Bonito with pink grapefruit and baby fennel


Tets, my friend Alex, Tony Bilson and moi

2 thoughts on “Masterclass with Tetsuya Wakuda @ Radisson Plaza, Sydney

  1. On its way!

    It was my favourite dish of the day and one which I’d love to make, but unfortunately I’ve been converted to only buying sustainable seafood which rules out tuna, sob 😦 (Actually I think I may do a post about sustainable seafood and why it’s so important… and what is still okay to buy…)

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