Plunge Cafe, Summer Hill

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This was a random find on a Saturday lunchtime and we were really happy with our discovery. To begin with, the coffee was good and beautifully presented.

It is a really clever menu, with something to suit everyone. I found it hard to choose between the crab fritter special and the Moroccan spiced smoked salmon salad, but as most salmon is non-sustainable I went with the crab. It was a fantastic choice! The fritters (they’re crab cakes, really) were gorgeous. They had quite a kick to them which always pleases and surprises me (especially when not noted on the menu) and were cooked to perfection with a crispy outside and soft, moist inside. The small side of avocado, coriander, red onion and tomato was a sharp and tangy which complemented the crab cakes really well. I was well impressed!

Crab fritters

Specks of chilli and coriander made these really flavoursome

Mr Black got the wagyu burger which he said was “delicious”. The beef was excellent quality and thankfully they hadn’t tried to season or spice it up, instead adding flavour through the homemade mayo, jamon, tomato and rocket. Fabbo!

Wagyu burger

We didn’t try any of the huge selection of little cakes and other morsels of sweet deliciousness displayed but they looked fantastic. Next time for sure!

Yummy little cakes and friands

More yummy little cakes and friands!

3 thoughts on “Plunge Cafe, Summer Hill

  1. Yeah, the chips were the only disappointing part of the meal. They just needed to be cooked a little longer… The people at the table next to ours had fantastic looking chips so maybe we were just unlucky?
    As for the crab cakes, I can only quote the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” – they were delectable!

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