Silva’s, Petersham

We first went to Silva’s years ago, and have only just been back once despite living very close by. I don’t remember disliking the food the first time but I don’t remember loving it either, so I was keen to try it again when invited there for my sister’s birthday recently. (Don’t tell anyone else, but I prefer the Portugese chicken they sell down the road at Frango’s…)

Silvas on UrbanspoonIt was a Sunday night and absolutely packed! I know service isn’t their drawcard, but it did take ages to get a bottle of water for the table. And considering there were 16 of us, one bottle didn’t quite suffice! Oh well.

We ordered some garlic bread to start, which I didn’t try but looked like classic childhood local pizza joint garlic bread – Mr Black approved.

There were also little bowls of delicious olives which were small and quite mild.Β 

The menu was full of various combinations of seafood, chicken, beef, pork, chips, potatoes and rice. Good luck if you’re vegetarian πŸ˜‰

Mr Black went for a chicken roll with chips. He said it was good. That was that.

I went for the BBQ baby octopus (sustainable, of course!) and a green side salad. The octopus was good. I enjoyed it. It wasn’t exceptionally tender, but it wasn’t tough. It had a nice flavour. I can’t really say anything else for or against it.

Except that I wouldn’t probably usually pay $21.90 just for octopus…

Some other family members tried the calamari and chips which were HUGE and tasted nice, but were a little heavy on the crumb they reported. (I probably would’ve loved that, the crumbier, the more deep-fry-iness can be captured.)

The garlic prawns which I had a little try of (not sustainable 😦 ) Wow! Garlic! Caramelised garlic! In butter! They were pretty good, especially with all those delicious juices (ahem, butter) to mop up with bread.

Caramelised garlic/butter/spring onion goodness

And this is the half chicken plate, with chips and rice. Good ol’ Portugese chicken. Nice chips. Just don’t try this one alone…

All-in-all it was okay. I won’t rush back, but if anyone invites me again I’d be happy to order the octopus again.

The most amazing thing about our meal was actually the wine, selected by one Greek family member. It was amazing! Full and rich, but felt almost light as it seemed to evaporate off the tongue. We were later informed it is 16% so that may well be why. We will definitely be looking for this in our local bottle-o next time! Highly recommended, though you may need something a bit more meaty or salty than octopus to match its intensity.

3 thoughts on “Silva’s, Petersham

    • I think it’s simply called ‘Petersham Charcoal Chicken’! It’s about 20m west of Silva’s along New Canterbury Rd πŸ˜‰

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