Ploy Thai, Petersham

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Ploy Thai is the best and most authentic Thai in my area by far. I often order takeaway from here on lazy Sunday nights, my usual being fish cakes ($4), green papaya salad ($7.50) and a tom yum goong ($6.50) or drunk noodles ($9).  I also have a soft spot for the sour curry with prawns (oh! tamarind joy), but sadly I don’t do usually prawns anymore due to the environmental impact. Sometimes it’s hard being good. 😦

Last week when it was still too hot to go into the kitchen, I took my dad for dinner here. Once we’d arrived, the owner brought a fan out just for us (so considerate!) which thankfully eased the muggy atmosphere. They really are the loveliest staff here.

We started with my usuals…

Fishcakes $4 for 2

Green papaya salad $7.50

They were both delicious, as usual! The fishcakes here are always moist (sorry about the word moist, I hate the word but there’s no other way to describe them!) and never rubbery as they can so easily become. They also have the beautiful fragrance of kaffir lime and a light, slightly syrupy dipping sauce. The green papaya salad is not as fragrant with herbs as my favourite at Thanh Binh, but the perfectly balanced dressing with a slight chilli kick makes it tongue-tingling good, and a steal at less than $8.

For mains we shared a tofu and vegetable stir-fry with Thai basil – simple, but so good well done well. It had a good balance of creamy soft tofu and nice large chunks of vegetables with just-cooked crunchiness, well-seasoned with fish sauce and just the tiniest touch of sweetness, and all infused with the intense, aniseed-laced headiness of fresh Thai basil. Another bargain at only $9!

Tofu and basil stir-fry $9

Instead of my usual drunken noodles or curry choices, on this occasion we decided to try a dish I’d heard was a specialty here – the kana moo grob (stir-fried Chinese broccoli with crispy pork). When it arrived I was very excited… Thin slices of crispy pork! Deep green gai larn in all its glossy glory!

I was slightly disappointed to find that the crispy pork pieces were a little too crispy, to the point of being a little dry and fibrous. Perhaps it was a one-off? I’d be happy to try again next time, as everything else I’ve had here has been so good.

Kana moo grob (stir-fried Chinese broccoli with crispy pork) $12.90

The dinner of two entrees and two mains came to about $35 for the two of us. Incredible value, especially when you consider you can expect to pay and extra 30%-50% at the multitude of very ordinary “cheap” Thai joints nearby.

If they only did desserts too, Ploy Thai would be my idea of the perfect local!

3 thoughts on “Ploy Thai, Petersham

    • Well it’s on Parramatta Rd on the Petersham side – not near Petersham shops or station. It’s across the road from Leichhardt, in the middle or Parramatta Rd no-man’s-land!

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