Hung Cheung, Marrickville

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Now that Mr Black has fallen in love with yum cha, we have been going at least once a month. Happy days! There’s no better way to start a lazy day than sipping tea and taking a chance on the yum cha trolley roulette (or ‘tray’ roulette in this case).

Hung Cheung is conveniently located just down the road from us and has a much shorter wait time than my favourite place in Chinatown (Zilver). When we arrived at 10.45 we walked straight in! Brilliant!

The variety is wide, the quality is great and the service is always friendly and accommodating. I appreciate that we as Anglos are still offered goodies like chicken feet (yum!). On this visit we went for some old favourites such as sui mai, garlic chive dumplings, tofu stuffed with prawn mince and rice noodle rolls with prawn. They were all of a good standard, fresh and well-cooked, especially the tofu which was divine.

Mr Black also tried some sesame toast to remind him of Chinese food back home in the UK which he declared to be “really nice”.

The only thing missing was the choy sum, which we didn’t see – next time we’ll order it as we sit down as they’re so busy I didn’t get a chance to order any. Ah well! It was so good, and cheap (less than $40 for both of us including two cokes) I can’t complain.

Hung Cheung rocks!

6 thoughts on “Hung Cheung, Marrickville

  1. Nah, the only yum cha dessert I go for is an egg tart, but Mr Black doesn’t eat them – and I can’t do two by myself!

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    • FYI, I’ve noticed that the food at yum cha changes according to the time of day – I prefer the food at about 11am (chicken feet, pork spare ribs, tofu skin rolls) but after noon is when the dishes which Anglos tend to prefer come out (cha siu bao, siu mai, steamed dumplings, spring rolls).

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