Essen Restaurant and Beer Cafe, Ultimo

Essen Restaurant & Beer Cafe on UrbanspoonA restaurant which serves a variety of local and imported beers, deep-fried camembert and eight kinds of schnitzel? That’s a Mr Black kind of place. So I took him along to Essen using a Jump On It voucher, and to my surprise, I liked it so much I took another friend there a month later!

Here are the photos from both nights…

On our first occasion, it was hard to decide between the deep-fried mushrooms and deep-fried camembert for an entrée. Cheese or mushrooms? Mushrooms or cheese?? Mr Black was stumped, so I made an executive decision and went with the mushrooms. They were as good as we’d hoped, and better than they look!

The next occasion was for deep-fried camembert. Oh my word. So rich, so decadent. And a perfect, crisp, golden crumb.

On both occasions I ordered duck, because duck is delicious.

My first duck breast was HUGE and came with a massive carving knife, plus a side of beans with smoked bacon and rosemary. 

The duck was gorgeous! Crisp-skinned with incredibly juicy, tender flesh. The beans were very good as well but I would’ve preferred a side with a little sweetness to complement the duck. Something like… pear with cranberry and sautéed red cabbage? Yes please! (Oh and some creamy potato gratin too!)

Gosh, it was good.

Mr Black had the pork cordon bleu. It was a generous serve (especially at $24.50) and while he thought it very nice, he decided too late he probably would’ve enjoyed a thin, crisp schnitzel instead. The roesti went down a treat though.

My other friend, who I like to call the Nom Nom Pom, had been to Essen several times before and was keen on the duck, However he kindly chose the lamb so that I could order the duck and we could share the lamb a bit too. Turns out, the duck was my favourite while he adored the lamb. It was incredibly tender, rich and garlicky, covered in rosemary jus and accompanied by squeaky beans with bacon and potato roesti.

And if that weren’t enough to entice you to try this place, look at all the beer!

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4 thoughts on “Essen Restaurant and Beer Cafe, Ultimo

    • It was INSANELY rich! Thankfully Nom Nom Pom could eat more of it than I, two pieces is definitely my limit 🙂

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