Yum cha at The Dynasty, Canterbury Leagues Club, Belmore

The Dynasty on UrbanspoonAnother Sunday, another yum cha. This weekend we decided to take my step-dad to yum cha at Canterbury Leagues Club in Belmore, near where I work. Despite having worn forbidden footwear, I was allowed in eventually after swapping my lovely, clean, dainty Havaianas for a pair of my step-dad’s velcro strappy sandals. Which looked ridiculous, but at least the bouncers would let me in. (Such a stupid, archaic rule!)

Happily, the Dynasty dining experience is worth swapping shoes for. First of all, I love it when you don’t have to ask for chilli sauce but are given multiple dishes of it on the table upon sitting down. And it’s our favourite kind, Pun Chun. Yay!

We were desperate for some good choi sum after missing out at Hung Cheung last time.

Next came ubiquitious prawn dumplings, prawn rice noodle rolls and cha sui bao. My step-dad declared the cha sui bao are not ones he’d offer to grandad, but the prawn items were delicious.

We were very impressed by the next dish too – a selection of 3 prawn meat-stuffed items: eggplant, tofu and green capsicum. Oh! So good! The perfectly cooked, slippery tofu and eggplant encasing sweet juicy prawn meat were outstanding, and the capsicum good too although a little harder to eat.

I spied a waiter wandering around with a dish I hadn’t noticed before at Dynasty – radish cake. We grabbed it from him and were so glad we did! It was the dish of the day, delicately flavoured but with a texture unlike any thing else… Smooth, and not quite bouncy, not quite chewy, but almost. It was topped with bright green crispy bits of snow peas, shredded omelette and tiny sweet morsels of lap cheong (Chinese sausage). Delish.

To be really indulgent I also ordered some calamari, which was thin, crispy and tender. I did crave some lemon or soy or something to dip it into, but the chilli sauce had to do.

The Canterbury Leagues has some of the most OTT Chinese water features and decorations, which really adds to the wonderful yum cha experience. It’s a great place to bring visitors to marvel at the indoor (and outdoor!) waterfalls, changing coloured ceiling lights and statues.  And at less than $20 pp for excellent yum cha, it’s fantastic value too!

3 thoughts on “Yum cha at The Dynasty, Canterbury Leagues Club, Belmore

  1. We didn’t see chicken’s feet on this occasion, which was a pity as my step-dad and I both dig them. Maybe they were reluctant to bring us the dishes Anglos don’t usually go for? Even though my step-dad is half Chinese, Mr Black and I are so white we’re blinding.
    Anyway, I’m a bit worried Mr Black might never kiss me again if he saw me sucking a sticky, gelatinous chicken’s foot…

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