The Essential Ingredient, Rozelle

While gathering ingredients for our Tetsuya dinner the other week, I had to make a trip to The Essential Ingredient in Rozelle. And while there I had to take my mum for coffee. It was excellent coffee, as you’d expect from a place so dedicated to olfactory delights.

We also shared a middle eastern orange cake and an olive, feta and sun-dried tomato quiche.  I loved that both came with an appropriate accompaniment – raspberry coulis and a dollop of delicious chutney respectively – rather than just a token garnish.

They were both delicious. Oh dear – this is another reason to visit The Essential Ingredient and spend hideous amounts of money on delicious things! Help!

5 thoughts on “The Essential Ingredient, Rozelle

    • Yep – it moved further away from me but luckily not too far! It’s on Balmain Rd, Rozelle, and it seems to kind of fit in with the nearby shops full of beautiful but unnecessary things. Which is great when you feel the desire to indulge in imported tins of confit de canard or overpriced Moroccan silk table runners. 🙂

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