Little Haveli, Broadway (Ultimo)

Little Haveli on Urbanspoon Little Haveli is a simple Indian restaurant with a straightforward menu and basic decor. While it’s not a place to go ‘out’ for dinner, I’ll definitely be ordering in from Little Haveli in the future – the food is good value and yummy! The sizzling entrees may look odd, but having come straight off the hotplate the texture is fantastic and the paneer or meat infused with divine smoky flavours. The curries we’ve tried have also been gorgeous, packed full of meat/seafood/paneer and each with a truly unique blend of spices and flavours, not dumbed down for Western palates. And the breads? Well, Mr Black declares the naan to be the best he’s ever had!

Paneer sizzler $9.90

Chapli kebab $7.90

Prawns jalfrezi $15.90 (loads of sweet fat prawns!)

Chicken mughlai curry $14.90

“Best naan ever” $2 (bargain!!!) with little rivers of delicious melted yellow butter…. Arghlghlghl…

2 thoughts on “Little Haveli, Broadway (Ultimo)

    • Yeah, the sizzling part was a bit weird! But the food that was sizzled was pretty good. The paneer sizzler reminded me of ‘manchurian’ – the Indian interpretation of Chinese style cooking. When I lived in Jammu and Kashmir I’d eat it when feeling homesick for Chinese food, I love it!

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