Kammadhenu, Newtown

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I’ve been to Kammadhenu many times over the years, and I’ve always been impressed by the food and blown away by the value. The service can be erratic but it’s always friendly, and when you’re paying $15 a person for delicious food I can deal with waiting a little longer for the bill/glasses/whatever.

On our most recent trip we tried the gobi pakoda, super crunchy, deep-fried cauliflower florets coated with deliciously nutty chick pea besan. Yuuuuuum!

The pappdums here are always great, full of spices and freshly cooked. The raita accompaniment is slightly sharp and slighty sweet, perfect for dipping pappadums (or gobi pakodas!).

The string hoppers always looked interesting to me – finally we got to try them. They were slightly chewy (in a good way) and beautfully soaked up the rich and intensely flavoured creamy curry sauce.

The last starter was a masala dosa, which was excellent. I’d been looking forward to the coconut chutney all day and it didn’t disappoint!

Our curries were both great – the rendang had a sharp lemongrass edge to it (which I love) although the beef wasn’t as tender as I’d expect. Still practically licked the bowl clean at the end though.

The other curry we ordered was a lamb korma, but it wasn’t what we’d expected… There was a strong peppery/capsicum flavour in it and the creaminess was more coconut textured as opposed to the the smooth cashew nut creaminess that is typical of most kormas I’ve had. I’ve since decided it probably was a korma but maybe it was more southern Indian or Sri Lankan in style. Maybe it’s a “proper” korma and all the others I’ve had were Westernised. Anyway it was DELICIOUS! And the meat in this one was tender and soft.

The roti was good, I wouldn’t go so far as to say it was fantastic but it did the job well.

The four of us shared all this, plus rice, plus two beers (London Pride no less!) and paid $20 each including BYO and a tip. It’s curry! It’s madness! It’s curry madness!

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