Hernandez Cafe Dean, Glebe

This afternoon, in search of a relaxed afternoon coffee, my step-dad and I found Paper Cup unexpectedly closed. So instead he swept me off to this great little corner cafe.

Apparently Mr Hernandez has been roasting, selling and making great coffee in Potts Point since the seventies. The Glebe store is the newest, yet it already has its own quirky style.

The coffee is good. Very good. The churros are good too, and it makes me think I’ll need to return to try their other homemade Spanish goodies. Throw in a charismatic and attentive barista and I’m sold!

3 thoughts on “Hernandez Cafe Dean, Glebe

  1. Hi Tina, it’s on a sharp corner opposite Sydney Uni on the Parramatta Rd side.

    Hi Helen, yeah the guy who plays piano is apparently rather eccentric (as many talented musicians are!). It’s such a funny little place, I was quite charmed – I hope the food doesn’t disappoint…

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