Black Star Pastry, Newtown

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It is a happy happy thing that the inner West has become populated with a plethora of expert bakeries. Victoire in Rozelle, Bourke St Bakery in Marrickville and La Banette in Glebe, just to name a few.

Black Star Pastry in Newtown is one such bakery. It’s well-known for its cakes and sweet delights, but I have to say Mr Black and I were won over by their savouries, a few of which are pictured below: quiche with mushroom and fine herbs, sausage roll and lamb shank pie. All spectacular!

The sweet offerings are visually exquisite. Below was our decadent selection of a brownie, chocolate cherry cake, chocolate eclair, pistachio macaroon and orange cake. All were delicious and beautifully textured, but I personally loved the cherry chocolate cake – definitely required a good strong espresso to cut through the richness!

The only thing I could suggest to improve this place? A tad more warmth and friendliness from the staff  – a smile doesn’t hurt you know! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Black Star Pastry, Newtown

  1. I’ve been here twice and the staff have been more friendly than your experience, so maybe they were stressed or something? I love the pastries and sweets here, so good.

    • Oh good! I had two occasions of grumpiness but it was the same woman both times – maybe she’s the only unfriendly one and I just always go at the wrong time!

  2. Black Star is an interesting one – the leek and goats cheese quiche is awesome, the lamb shank pie is rich, fulsome yet balanced, with tender pieces of young sheep in a stonking red wine jus/gravy.

    However, about one in five lamb shank pies has had a bit of bone in it for me – and I’ve ordered a lot of them! It’s unacceptable when you break off part of a molar on a piece of bone the size of the whole of said tooth, and while one of the staff was seriously concerned and said it shouldn’t be happening, and would speak to the chef (next time I was in, was treated very well and told chef wanted to give me a call, could he have my number, gave the number and never got a call). While the pastries are excellent, the pannacotta sparkle (excluding perhaps the somewhat unbalanced salted caramel version), and the prices are reasonable, the sandwiches have been another issue for me – at times getting one portion size and at others getting a half-size portion.. Most staff are friendly, especially when they get to know you, except one who seems like she’s either seriously rude or just needs to consider her default facial expression a bit more thoroughly.

    Having had friends like twitter’s @Johan_Vonshag mention their issues with both here and Bourke St Bakery (food hygeine being the main culprit), my perusal of their produce has dropped – especially because of the significant number of entitled mums using the disabled parking space in front as their own personal ‘reserved spot’. Frustrating! Decent coffee though, roasted by The Little Marionette.

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