Dumpling King, Newtown – Take 2

Dumpling King on UrbanspoonIt had been a while since Mr Black and I had paid a visit to Dumpling King. We were looking forward to some old favourites: eggplant in chilli sauce and northern style fried dumplings.

We were rather disappointed when the dumplings arrived. What happened to their golden, cripsy bottoms? And what was with the pointless (and slightly lame looking) salad garnish? At least we had a jug of chilli oil to help them along – although unfortunately the jug wasn’t suited to pouring chilli oil and we ended up with a very greasy red table.

They certainly weren’t what one would expect given the restaurant’s title.

The sang choi bao were nice, but nothing special. The value was ok at $10.80. I would’ve loved a few more crunchy water chestnuts in there somewhere though…

But wait! Here comes the eggplant! The glistening slippery pieces were smoky, succulent and ever so slightly sweet, with just enough chilli to warm me up. The salt and pepper tofu was a perfect contrast to the rich hotpot, with a lightly crisped outside and smooth, plain innards. Mmm, innards.

My recommendation would be to change the name of Dumpling King. It just can’t sustain its credibility while serving poor, sad little offerings like we had. Hotpot King, perhaps?

2 thoughts on “Dumpling King, Newtown – Take 2

  1. The saddest thing is, the dumplings used to be great! When they first opened we went there all the time. Plus the staff who served us this time seemed distracted and a little bored, whereas when they started they were all so friendly! Oh well, it’s still good food (minus the dumplings!).

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