District Dining, Surry Hills – Take 2

District Dining on Urbanspoon On my first visit to District Dining, I was impressed. After my second visit, I was smitten!

A group of eight of us ordered 5 entrees and 8 mains, plus bread and olives, so we all got to try lots of different dishes. I must say the quality was consistently high – of course there are always standouts, but I would’ve been well pleased with having any of the dishes to myself.

Olives $6

Bread $3

The menu does change fairly often but I understand they keep the pork belly and crispy chicken mains on the menu permanently (I can see why). They were outstanding!

The prices are more than reasonable considering the quality of the food: we spent just $50 per person including a couple of glasses of red or beer each, and were so full we couldn’t even fit in dessert. If you haven’t tried District Dining yet, I suggest you put it at the top of your wishlist!

(Apologies for the poor photos. The lighting in the restaurant may be romantic and sultry but it doesn’t help with food porn photography!)

Prosciutto wrapped figs stuffed with some kind of delicious cheese which I can’t remember

Veal tongue, pickled turnip, salsa verde, almonds $16

Crispy quail eggs, tarragon mayonnaise, white anchovies $16

Pork deliciousness with piccallilli and fruity bread of some kind $16

Chutney-dipped crispy pork bits

Field mushroom, truffled pecorino, caramelised onion pizza $24

Riverine premium sirloin, green harissa, red onion compote $29

Pumpkin gnocchi $23

Roasted spatchcock with succotash $26

District Dining cripsy chicken, coleslaw, lime chilli aioli $20

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