Sideways Deli Cafe, Dulwich Hill

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Having just purchased our first home in Dulwich Hill, Mr Black and I have been very keen to explore the area’s food offerings.

I’ve been to Sideways a few times over the years but this weekend we ventured there for Saturday. Not feeling the best after struggling with a virus and/or cold for a week, I craved nourishment, which came in the form of Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon. Rich, I know, but it was low-carb (minus the muffin which went to Mr Black), protein dense and really very good. Perfect eggs make me shake my fists in excitement like Wallace from Wallace and Gromit.

Mr Black had the classic Big Breakfast, complete with requisite bacon, eggs, sausages, tomato and mushrooms. The sausages were a traditional British/Irish style, pure pork and delicious. Mr Black declared the meal to be “very good”. He is a man of few words.

We were absolutely stuffed after our brunch, but the deli cabinet of goodies looked so tempting we took home  a piece of Persian love cake to have later with tea. I am inspired to make this now as it was one of the best ‘cakes’ I’ve ever bought – not too sweet, crumbly and dense, with a tang of yoghurt and delicately fragranced with Middle Eastern aromatics.

We enjoyed our food but won’t rush back to eat in the cafe again. The atmosphere is just not for us – at least not on a Saturday. It was ridiculously busy, to the point where the table we were offered was in the middle of a walkway and the staff bumped into my chair every thirty seconds, and the floor under us was littered with some kid’s leftover breakfast.
The Urbanspoon site states that Sideways is kid ‘friendly’, but on a weekend it’s almost kid required – I think we were the only people there without offspring. Fair enough, it is in a quiet street on the pretty suburban side of Dulwich Hill, but we realised pretty quickly that this was not a place for us. I love the diversity of the local community in Dulwich Hill but sitting in Sideways we could well have been having brunch somewhere on the Lower North Shore. And while I’m no Miranda (Sex And The City), no-one wants bits of chewed vegemite toast stuck to the bottom of their boots.

I think we’ll take our chances on Marrickville Road next time. If only the Lebanese bakery did eggs and bacon…

5 thoughts on “Sideways Deli Cafe, Dulwich Hill

    • Oooh love Fernandes! And I’m completely addicted to The Valley’s various pizzas and savouries now too… Dinner soon? 🙂

    • Yeah, it’s not exactly a relaxing weekend brunch! But my friend who also lives in DH tells me she and her fiance get takeaway coffees and pastries and sit in the park across the road. Great idea!

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