Sometimes when I go grocery shopping I get very confused. I have too many ideas for things I’d like to cook, and after a long day of teaching I often lack the mental capacity to decide on just one. Tonight I managed to get all the ingredients to make either moussaka or lasagne… But how to decide which one?

As I was going to be making a low-carb version for myself anyway (either lasagne using eggplant instead of lasagne sheets, or moussaka sans potato) I started making a kind of hybrid dish.

  • First of all I put on my bolognese-style sauce. In the spirit of fusing dishes, I fried off some garlic and onion, then added finely chopped smoky bacon, two anchovies (!) and a couple of slices of chopped basturma – my new favourite flavour.
  • When all yummy and fragrant, I browned some lamb and beef mince (I’d usually use ‘roo but they didn’t have it at my local), then poured in enough milk to cover the meat. (This is a great trick to ensure the meat ends up tender – always cook in milk to soften before adding anything acidic.) 
  • When reduced, I chucked in some tomato passata and dry white wine, some oregano and a bay leaf or two.

  • Next I sliced a large eggplant fairly thinly, sprayed the slices with oil and spread them to bake on a baking tray. It took about 15 minutes for them to be cooked through and slightly golden, as below.

  • I layered the eggplant slices in a dish then spread over some ricotta as I couldn’t be bothered making a bechamel. Bugger that.

  • I spread a layer of the meat sauce on top, sprinkled with grated parmesan and haloumi and then repeated the whole process.
  • On the top I finished with slices of eggplant and more cheese, which gave it a gorgeously crispy top layer. Yum.

It took approximately 30 minutes at 200C to get this deliciously golden top.

It went beautifully with a simple side salad of mixed leaves dressed with extra virgin and lemon juice.

Try it! You’ll like it! Your other half/mum/cat/bestie will like it too!

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