Lamb, saffron and pumpkin tagine

So I haven’t posted for a while – life has been getting busier! As a result I suspect this year’s blogs will mostly be home delivered food and/or familiar homecooked favourites, including my ultimate all-time favourite food ‘mut jup mun gai yik’ (honey soy chicken wings) and my mum’s osso buco recipes, as requested!

Today’s early morning trip to the Orange Grove Organic Markets inspired an old favourite for dinner, a tagine which Mr Black always raves about, with lamb, green olives, saffron, preserved lemon and pumpkin. It’s a winning combo!

1. Soften 1 brown onion, cut into chunks, in a tagine or heavy saucepan. Stir in a couple of smashed cloves of garlic and some ginger (fresh or powdered).

2. Take 1kg lamb pieces* and dust with Herbie’s tagine spice mix. (If you can’t find, create your own from paprika, coriander seed, cassia bark, allspice, cloves, cardamom and chilli powder to taste.)

3. Push onions aside and add lamb pieces to tagine.

4. When browned, add a handful of green olives and 1/4 preserved finely chopped lemon (rind only).

5. Add a pinch saffron which has been soaked in 250ml hot water plus a squeeze of honey or agave syrup.

6. Cover and simmer for a few hours, until the lamb is super tender.

7. Place 400g pumpkin (or sweet potato) pieces on top of the lamb and cover again. Cook until pumpkin has steamed to tenderness.

8. Serve with cous cous. OMNOMS!

*Choose lamb with a bit of fat and a few bones; rosettes or fat forequarter chops are good.

3 thoughts on “Lamb, saffron and pumpkin tagine

  1. Hi Liv, Love the blog.. I can understand how hard it is to find the time… Hope to read more updates soon!

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