Izote Mexican Restaurant, Newtown

Izote Mexican on Urbanspoon I would never claim to be an expert (or anywhere near it) when it comes to Mexican or South American cuisine. My only experience of either outside of restaurants was when my family lived in an apartment above a Brazilian couple when I was 9 or 10. I remember they made some delicious food, including a cracking creme caramel, but my memory ends there!

Mr Black and I were introduced to Izote a few years ago by foodie friends and I have to say I’ve gone back many times; for the service and fun atmosphere as much as the food. The owners and staff are some of the most friendly and accommodating I’ve encountered and as such they always make a visit an enjoyable experience!

The food is always good value and excellent quality, even if some dishes aren’t to everyone’s taste. You get the sense that the chefs care about what they are making and the presentation and seasoning are consistently spot-on.

For entrée, you must try the tamales: spiced corn meal steamed in banana leaves. Delicious!

Another enjoyable entrée is the queso fundido al chorizo – roughly textured corn chips accompanied by a deliciously rich and spicy dip. Yummmmm.

All the quesadillas, tacos, etc are nice, but I have to say I love the other dishes such as the chile verde. Tender, melt-in-the-mouth pork in a warming piquant sauce. Winner!

BYO is a happy bonus – beer as well as wine. Incidentally, BWS just up the road sell 950ml bottles of “Sol” Mexican beer, what more excuse do you need?!

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