Surjits Indian Restaurant, Annandale

Surjit's Indian on UrbanspoonWe love Surjit’s! Whether it’s home delivery or eat-in, the service is great and the food, impeccable. We highly recommend the Madrasi Gosht Curry, the Shahi Paneer and the lamb shanks – but generally everything we’ve tried is fantastic. Each curry is unique, none are too sweet or overly-spiced, and I never feel queasy after eating them. The breads are freshly cooked in the tandoor till deliciously flaky and golden.

P.S. Their house red, a valpolicella, is deliciously light and dry and perfectly matched to spicy food.

Mixed platter of side dishes (comes with pappdaums)

Shahi Paneer

Madrasi Gosht Curry

4 thoughts on “Surjits Indian Restaurant, Annandale

  1. I gave up on this restaurant a few years back…due the quality of the food with often dishes tasting very salty and sadly ‘razor-cut economics’ seemed to be running the kitchen.
    I like a good ‘Garlic Naan” and sadly the garlic seemed to be waived over the top at the last sec before serving and not on the ‘naans’!
    However, I will give it another go after reading the encouraging comments.
    Fingers crossed!!!

    • Ooh my fingers are crossed for you too! Having lived in in India I think I can judge Indian food pretty well. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do 🙂

  2. sorry to say but service at surjit’s is very poor. NO menus for 10 mins. then it took them 15 minutes minutes to take our order. poured our own wine, NO water on the table, huge wait and NO apology
    food quality=good
    food price=FAIR
    service=VERY POOR!
    wine knowledge=NONE!!
    food knowledge=NOT MUCH!

    • Oh dear, I’m sorry to hear that! All I can say is that our experience has been very different and we have returned many times. I suppose no-one’s perfect, and everyone can have an off night.

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