Hideaway, Dulwich Hill

Hideaway on UrbanspoonI love a good, local, family-run restaurant, and Hideaway is a perfect example.

They call the cuisine ‘international tapas’, a variety of dishes offered in two sizes (tapas/main) and designed to share. It’s a great way to eat and suited our group of four beautifully: we simply ordered a tapas size of (almost) every dish! I always think tapas-style is a great idea for a simple/family-run restaurant, as dishes come out in any order and there’s no waiting for everyone else’s to arrive.

In our case, the mussels ($14) arrived first. They were a reminder of why I eat bivalves! Crunchy and buttery and definitely too few. The grassy hit of fresh flat-leaf parsley cut through the richness. I’ll order a main serve next time ($23).

The butterflied garlic prawns ($12/$22) were plump, sweet and heavy with garlic. And very good. We were getting quite excited.

Then the grilled haloumi with capers, lime and coriander ($12) arrived, which Guido informed us was a Delia Smith recipe, and we devoured it. Oh, deliciousness!

The Moroccan beef salad  ($14/$23) was generous with meat and nicely done, but not a standout – possibly because the other dishes were so good.

The lamb leg skewers ($14/$23), served with a spectacular white bean puree, were cooked and seasoned to perfection – another hit. The garlic seemed to keep getting stronger dish by dish, which was fine by us! The skewers were in good company with a crispy, creamy serve of Jamie Oliver’s smashed spuds ($8).

I like this place very much. If I could change anything, it would be the lighting, as it was hard to see the food (as evidenced by the photos!) yet was quite bright and direct in the eyes… But maybe it was just where we sat…?

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