Clover is a cute local cafe in Annandale which prides itself on customer satisfaction and community involvement. Happily, the food is as good as their intentions, and the menu caters to so many moods, tastes and diets.

Clover on Urbanspoon I tried the haloumi salad with watermelon, artichokes, pesto and semi-dried tomatoes ($14). It was lovely and the flavours worked well together on the whole, though personally I think the pesto was unnecessary and overwhelmed the other flavours a little. But still, yum!

The coffee is also decent, and their soy handled with care – no curdling here!

The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, and quirky without being pretentious. I look forward to trying more dishes at this lovely little spot. And giving them some positive feedback using the form on every table – good sign!

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    • I know! I love it when there are lots of options which make you feel healthy, especially as I try to eat low-GI. Clover does this really well – great salad menu!

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