Da Vinci’s, Summer Hill

Da Vinci's Italian on UrbanspoonOn Thursday nights, my mum and I have dinner together. We try to keep it local and inexpensive – the Entertainment Book vouchers come in handy! We recently realised that despite being so close to Summer Hill, we’d never been there for dinner. So we rocked on over to give Da Vinci’s a try.

Mr Black loves his garlic bread and Da Vinci’s was very buttery, very old school, just the way he likes it. The insalata calabrese was nice, only I wished the tomatoes were a bit more ripe and sweet.

My mum tried one of the specials as her main, chicken breast with artichokes, mushrooms, olives and tomato, while I had veal pizzaiola. The veal was good, just like I used to get it as a kid at The International Centre in Wollongong. But mum’s was really quite delicious – the chicken was perfect, tender, and the flavours were a great combination. Yum.

Mr Black tried a calzone which had a delicious combination of salami, ricotta and tomato. It was also enormous, though you can’t quite see just how enormous from the photo. Beautifully cooked, simple and good.

We took with us a bottle of Cow and Moon Biodynamic 2010 Pinot Noir, from The Wine Point in Drummoyne. It was lovely and light and matched the Italian, tomato-based dishes really well. 

At $110 for three of us wasn’t exactly a cheap feed, but if I’m in the area again and want something warming and comforting, I’d be more than happy to go back to Da Vinci’s.

2 thoughts on “Da Vinci’s, Summer Hill

  1. Thanks for giving this Liv 🙂 I could almost feel the ambience and aroma and I think I know Da Vinci’s but it has been a long, long time since I passed through that way. Sharing your experience has inspired me and I’ll make my way there before long. It is also great to remember the International / Italian Centre in Wollongong.

  2. We used to go to The International Centre after the library on Friday nights. I loved their veal pizzaiola and puttanesca! Still two of my favourites – what can I say, I have a thing for olives and capers 🙂

    I do remember that afterwards I’d get bubble-gum flavoured gelato, that hideous blue-green stuff. My tastebuds have definitely changed in the sweet department thankfully!

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