Cornersmith, Marrickville

Cornersmith on UrbanspoonI recently said that Enmore is the new Newtown. It turns out, I was wrong… Marrickville is!

Relatively new to Marrickville is Cornersmith, which epitomises all the lovely aspects of the inner west cafe culture. They make their own sauces, cordial, jams, pickles, conserves, etc. using local produce sourced from friends and the general public. And honey from their own bees!

It gets pretty busy, but happily today we were first in line… Maybe the rainy weather put people off?

My mum and I shared a huge ploughman’s plate ($16 for one or $30 for two) with sumac lamb, carraway labneh, pickled brussel sprouts, apple, toasted rye bread plus a gorgeous salad combination of beetroot, feta, radish, fennel, pomegranate and rocket. All the elements were delicious. They weren’t all necessarily “matched’ but I loved the higgeldy-piggeldy-ness of it, just like when you’re making lunch for friends and pull together all the best things you have in your fridge. And next time, it’ll be different again.

Mr Black went for a poached egg roll with aioli, pasture-raised ham, brussel sprouts, lentils and fennel slaw. He also added a side of garlic mushrooms on my recommendation. They were out of rolls so it was on sourdough instead, and came with great shavings of pecorino, herbs and greens and a slice of lemon. It was my kind of breakfast! When having eggs I love a bit of greenery, freshness and contrast. And the garlic mushrooms were insanely good. I’d be happy with just them on toast.

By the time lunch was over it was onto afternoon tea: flourless chocolate cake and a Polish-style poppyseed cake. Both were scrumptious, especially the flourless chocolate cake, which was made with hazelnut flour (I think) and complemented by juicy sour bursts of fresh pomegranate seeds.

The coffee was perfect, the service friendly and attentive, and the menu exciting. We didn’t witness any of the attitude or hipster self-importance that some people spoke of. I’m hoping they’re wrong… I can’t wait to go back again!

3 thoughts on “Cornersmith, Marrickville

  1. It was! I must say that the poppyseed cake is the only thing they don’t make themselves – it’s from Dulwich Hill (Cakes & Creams Patisserie, I think).

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