Minh Vietnamese, Dulwich Hill

Minh is our local Vietnamese joint. It’s closer than (but not quite as good as) the Viet places in Marrickville and makes for a decent low-key meal. Plus, they are licensed and BYO and serve a decent glass of house wine as well as a few old favourites by the bottle such as Oyster Bay sav blanc.

Over the past few years we’ve pretty much sussed out the really good dishes and those which are just ho-hum. Here are the really good ‘uns:

Beef in betel leaf

Mekong claypot fish

Beef stir-fried with chilli and basil

Salt & pepper prawns


Unfortunately the papaya salad doesn’t live up to my high standards – it’s ok, but I have a passion for papaya salad and Minh’s just does nothing for me! I find the dressing just tastes like raw garlic and sugar, and there aren’t nearly anough herbs for my liking. Ah well, can’t win ’em all.

Spicy papaya salad

That’s it! How quick was that!

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