Trainspotting Cafe, Lewisham

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Trainspotting Cafe is a small cafe right near Lewisham train station. It’s quirky without being pretentious and instantly won me over with its friendly staff, simple but appealing menu, and good value. The interior is comfortable, bright and decorated with some beautiful images, including a wall of kids’ drawings. Cute!

The menu had so many options for low-carbers like me, plus some delicious sounding (and looking) rolls and panini too.

Mum took the virtuous road and ordered the homemade granola with poached rhubarb and yoghurt ($8.50). I took the other route and went for the cholesterol fest of baked eggs with bacon, chorizo, roast mushrooms and homemade baked beans ($16). Both were great – nothing fancy, just down-to-earth, well-cooked, home style food. Exactly what’s needed on a rainy Saturday morning. (They were also playing The Best of New Order – tidy.)

Being the awesome woman I am, I even took a bacon and egg roll with tomato relish back to Mr Black, which is how I got this completely gratuitous gooey egg yolk shot. Phwoar! Next time we’ll give the breakfast roll, with added avocado, cheese, rocket and basil feta sauce. And we’ll definitely be back!

Trainspotting Cafe

  • Shop 1, 3 Victoria St, Lewisham, NSW
  • Open 6.30am – 3pm Monday to Friday, 8am – 1pm Saturday
  • Check out their Facebook page or this SMH review

3 thoughts on “Trainspotting Cafe, Lewisham

  1. Yum. I’ve seen this place every morning on the way to work and have been meaning to try. I definitely will now. Soon.

  2. Love the name of the cafe and how can you beat New Order to perk up your morning?! The granola looks lovely but i’d be going for the baked egg breakfast too!

  3. Naw, I think I should stop reading your blog. You’re making me want to travel to NSW and I can’t afford it at present…!! This place is my favourite kind of cafe… rustic, delicious home-style food that feels good in your belly. Thanks for sharing!

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