Booth St Bistro, Annandale

With so many great value weeknight restaurant specials around this winter, Thursday night dinners with my mum are getting more fancy by the week. Tonight we popped down to Booth St Bistro, just a few blocks from her place.

Booth Street Bistro on Urbanspoon
The first thing that struck me was that the dining room was simple and elegant, just like the bistros at which we both loved to eat in Paris. We were soon to discover that the food had some (delicious) similarities too!

For entrée we shared the crispy fried school prawns with flaked almond and a touch of honey. The texture of the prawns was incredible, crunchy yet light and delicate, and just slightly salty with a very subtle sweetness. Definitely a good dish to share.

For main I chose the pumpkin gnocchi with Yarra Valley Persian feta, blistered tomato and sage butter. The gnocchi were tender with golden crispy edges and the sweetness of the pumpkin was contrasted with the creamy, piquant feta. The crispy sage leaves added a touch of earthiness and the tomatoes provided a burst of refreshing acidity.

Mum chose the steak with spinach, beetroot and egg. I should’ve taken a photo of the inside – it was cooked to absolute perfection. Simple, but beautifully done.

Dessert was completely unnecessary but we ordered it anyway (sorry Wafu lady, I know it’s wrong). It was a humble rhubarb clafoutis with pear sorbet – again, simple but just perfect. The soft squidgy rhubarb was left tart, the batter was rich but not too sweet, and the pear sorbet had that almost “grainy” flavour of pear skin which is, in my opinion, the most delicious part of the pear.

The value was incredible at just $40pp for two courses plus a glass of 12000 Miles Pinot Noir (Wairapa, NZ). I’ve paid more down the road at rather ordinary Italian place which shall remain nameless. Even though this price was for a special, the servings are well-sized and two courses (less than $50) would be plenty to satisfy most appetites. And the gorgeous sourdough bread from Fuel Bakery, Camperdown, is free.

I also love love LOVE that the wine list is categorised using wine descriptors such as Light & Crisp, Textured & Smooth andMouthy & Full.Very handy!

Booth St Bistro

  • Open for dinner Tuesday – Sunday from 6pm
  • Breakfast Saturday & Sunday from 8am (this is DEFINITELY next!)
  • Lunch Saturday & Sunday from 12 noon

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