Feature dish: The Eathouse Diner’s beef cheeks

The Eathouse Diner, Redfern

The Eathouse Diner on Urbanspoon

Earlier this week we returned to The Eathouse Diner in Redfern, where our very fantastic and talented friend Kieran Day is a chef. The menu is dominated by American-style offerings such as delicious southern fried spatchcock with creamed corn and “slaw”, truffle mac ‘n’ cheese with taleggio, cheddar and grana padano (as good as it sounds) and the beautifully simple okra fritters with tomato and lime salsa.

But the real reason we came back (besides to see lovely Kieran) is for their incredible beef cheeks. Tender, fall-apart beef, stewed in pomegranate molasses, red wine and fragrant spices, and served with figs and cauliflower dumplings. These are incredibly rich and piquant – the perfect dish for a cold winter evening!

Beef cheeks mole poblano
Hartsyard, Newtown
Lamb shanks in pomegranate, balsamic and bay

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