Two Peas Café and Restaurant, Glebe

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Two Peas is a delightful new eatery in Glebe/Forest Lodge, with food by chefs Nick Johnson and Tom Stoneham, and a lovely man named Pete at front of house. They are committed to the ethical, organic, local and seasonal is produce and in products, from biodegradable coffee cup lids to sustainable line-caught fish (hurrah!).

The coffee is fantastic! Mr Piggy tells me that they have a fancy machine which does something fancy, or something, I can’t really rememeber what he said as I was busy drinking the coffee and my brain was busy appreciating how delicious it was.

The breakfasts focus on quality, not quantity – the ‘big’ breakfast isn’t actually that big, but it is delicious! It includes my perfect combination of bacon, spinach, sweet roast tomatoes, black pudding, amazingly good homemade hash browns and two perfectly poached organic eggs. It also comes with toast, not shown. The only thing I’d change? I love my bacon extra crispy – I must remember to request this in the future!

The muffins are also fantastic – homemade, fresh and always changing.

Dinner at Two Peas is as enjoyable as breakfast. The menu is ‘always-changing’ and reflects what is locally and seasonally available, which just makes me more keen to visit regularly. Below are some images of the dishes we sampled last week – all as delicious as they look! And the value is remarkable, especially considering the quality of the ingredients.

Prosciutto, pear and gorgonzola salad $14

Three cheese arancini $12

Side dish of cavolo nero with lemon and olive oil $7

Beef saltimbocca with goats cheese, rocket and basil $22

Line-caught fish, handcut chips and crushed peas $16

Line-caught flathead with white bean puree $29

Chocolate pudding with gooey centre and marscapone $9

Banana crumble $9

Affogatto with maraschino cherry ice-cream $9

Two Peas is both licensed and BYO, which makes it an even better value place to have a night out. Check out the current menu at the Two Peas website or drop them a line via Twitter (@TwoPeasSydney) or Facebook (TwoPeasRestaurant).

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