Blossom Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant, Newtown

Green Palace on UrbanspoonGreen Palace is one of many, many Thai restaurants on Newtown’s King St strip. However, it stands out from others because of three things: it’s vegan, it’s cheap, and it’s really REALLY delicious. I know, it surprised me too!

Excellent entrees include golden deep-fried tofu and incredibly crisp money bags filled with nuts. You can keep your pork – these are better. Seriously.

Even the pad siew is better than most versions I’ve tried in the area, with delightfully squidgy noodles and a good balance of salty and slightly sweet.

Mock meat is all the go here, which is fine with me. Most Westeners don’t understand the point of making vegetarian food which looks and tastes like meat, but there is a simple and beautiful reason for the practice: since the 7th century AD, Buddhist monks have been making and serving mock meats for guests and visitors. Isn’t that sweet? 🙂

The “duck” curry with lychees and tomatoes at Green palace is a perfect example of how beautiful mock meat can be. The meat even has a layer of skin and fat! It’s not as good as real duck, but in a strongly flavoured curry like this it is very convincing. And delicious.

The “beef” massamun curry is good too, though the meat isn’t quite as convincing as the duck. Again, a really good curry, not too sweet and with rich deep flavours – even without the beef. How do they do it?!

3 thoughts on “Blossom Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant, Newtown

  1. I’ve walked past it a million times and just never made it through the door. I’m fine with vegetarian, it’s just seeing things like “beef” and “duck” in inverted commas that puzzle me.

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