Jack and the Beanstalk Cafe, Dulwich Hill

Jack and the Beanstalk on UrbanspoonThis cute new cafe has just opened up on Marrickville Road where Fernandes Patisserie used to be, right near our other old favourite Minh Vietnamese Restaurant. (Fernandes is now round the corner on New Canterbury Rd.) We’ve been there twice and have been really impressed. The coffee is excellent, the staff are delightful, and – the food is good too! Trifecta!

Jack and the BeanstalkSo far we’ve only had the breakfast dishes but they have a small lunch menu and a huge range of sweets, cakes and pastries too. Their breakfasts are spot on – the big breakfast ($16) is actually big, the bacon is smoky, the eggs are perfectly cooked… and the roast tomatoes are sweet and flavoursome. I can’t tell you how often I’m disappointed with roasted tomatoes which are sour, watery and not cooked nearly long enough!

photo 3

Big breakfast with scrambled eggs

Big breakfast with poached eggs (no toast)

Big breakfast with poached eggs (no toast)

The Eggs Benedict are a bargain at $10 and come with bacon, spinach and a homemade hollandaise which is smooth and buttery. So rich; so good. (I asked for no muffin.)

photo 4

Eggs Benedict

And if this wasn’t enough to entice us to return, we were brought two complimentary loukoumades (Greek fried honey balls) which were absolutely divine – fresh, warm, sticky and slightly yeasty. Delish!

photo 1photo 2

Jack and the Beanstalk Cafe
516 Marrickville Road
Dulwich Hill, NSW


10 thoughts on “Jack and the Beanstalk Cafe, Dulwich Hill

    • Absolutely! Now we have Glebooks, a fancy French delicatessen, sushi – plus a new diner opening too. Dulwich Hill is the new Marrickville.

  1. hi Liv – so happy so many new places are opening in Dulwich Hill! I tried Jack and the Beanstalk recently but just had a coffee and pastry – definitely need to give their eggs benedict a go (my favourite) and $10 is a bargain! So curious to see what Hub House Diner is, fingers crossed it’s something great!

    • Woop, me too! My man is going to try Hub House for his boys’ dinner (prior to our Pre-wedding/End-of-Living-In-Sin party) so I’ll make him take photos!

  2. Hello food lovers. Dug into the $10 benny today and it was great. Massive portion. Great friendly service. Excited to have a nice brekkie joint so close to home. Liv, any update on Hub House. Trekked peeking around the newsprint in the window and could not see much but a construction site. The wait to see what’s in there is killing me!

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  4. Best breakfast I’ve had so far! Good quality food and coffee the service was great , can’t wait to go back with a bigger group !! Thanks guys !

  5. Guys honestly beat food and service I’ve had food came out in under ten minutes!! Perfectly cooked , the new chef and apprentice as a team work wonders from what I’ve seen can’t wait to come back!

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