The Hub House Diner, Dulwich Hill

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The Hub House Diner, next to Moon’s Fresh Sushi on New Canterbury Rd, has been eagerly awaited by Dulwich Hill locals since the signage went up just before Christmas. They were absolutely packed on their first – and second – day of opening. I suspect they weren’t quite prepared for how busy they’d be, which resulted in the longer than ideal wait time as mentioned by some on Urbanspoon. I did appreciate that the owner (or floor manager?) indicated to us before we sat down that there would be a bit of a wait. I’m not going to slag them off for it – I mean, it’s their first weekend open people, give them a break!

Happily, the coffee came quickly and was fantastic. Thank goodness! I am so tired of curdled soy lattes!

Soy flat white

Soy flat white

Mr Black loved his bacon and egg roll with Gruyère, Old Bay aioli and hot sauce. Of course, it wasn’t quite as good as MY hot sauce (click here for the recipe)

Bacon and egg roll $11

Bacon and egg roll $11

Love that hot sauce!

Love that hot sauce!

There is a variety of proper, old-school, American-style hamburgers. They’re good. They taste just as you expect them to. And they’re served with deliciously crunchy, salty fries. Awesome. I’d prefer them a bit saucier but you can just add extra as you like anyway.

House Beef Burger

House beef burger

Beef cheese burger

Beef cheese burger

House Beef Burger w/ egg, bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion and hickory smoked BBQ sauce $18

House beef burger with egg, bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion and hickory smoked BBQ sauce $18

My favourite dish was the zucchini fritters with orange gel and sour cream. The fritters were delightfully crisp, yet light, and perfectly complimented by the rich sour cream and tangy, marmalade-y ‘gel’. And a touch of hot sauce. (I asked for more.) I must remember to add some hot sauce next time I make my own zucchini fritters

Zucchini fritters with orange gel and sour cream $12

Zucchini fritters with orange gel and sour cream $12

I look forward to coming back to the Hub House, when they’re not so busy and have sorted their teething problems. It’s so exciting to have a local place where we can enjoy some good hot chips and a Coopers pale or a glass of wine! You can see the full menu here on their Urbanspoon page.

Some suggestions? They could make the portions a little bigger (I wanted more of those delicious fritters!) and replace the tomato sauce with some good, rich ketchup.


southern fried spatchcock with creamed corn and slaw at eathouse diner redfern

Eathouse Diner, Redfern

photo 4

Jack & The Beanstalk Cafe, Dulwich Hill


Hartsyard, Newtown

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  1. Have been to The Hub House a couple of times now – so great to have something new and different in D’Hill! Also loved the bacon and egg roll (so rich, and the hot sauce is so good!). Looking forward to trying a burger next…

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