Four Years of Scoffing & Quaffing

Just over four years ago, during dinner at Hikaru with a lovely friend, I entertained the idea of starting a food blog – just to share my favourite restaurants and recipes with family and friends. And once said lovely friend came up with the name Scoff & Quaff, I though it was too good a title to waste!

I have been both thrilled and humbled by the response the blog has received since then. Through simply writing about what I love, I’ve met some truly wonderful people and had opportunities I never imagined possible. This year I also married my lovely Mr Black and am now just 12 weeks short of delivering a new addition to our family (hence the scarcity of blog posts of late, sorry!).

However, after four years, I need a change. After all, I’m too pregnant for a holiday. So I’ve decided to bring my cooking to the forefront, as it’s what I enjoy the most and what I’ll be doing most of during the next year or so. I’ve also been thinking about producing a small range of products for sale such as handmade pickles, sauces, chocolates and sweets. So while Scoff & Quaff may change somewhat, it’s still all about the food.

Thank you for all the support over the past few years; I hope you continue to enjoy my offering of food ideas (and possibly products) into the future!

Liv x

Liv making chocolate

10 thoughts on “Four Years of Scoffing & Quaffing

  1. Congratulations on making it this far and not long to go until baby s&q makes an appearance. So many good things to celebrate x

  2. happy blogiversary! here’s to many more delicious years to come and all the best with the soon to be new addition to your family!

  3. Happy bloggiversary! 4 years is a great achievement but I think you’re about to embark on your biggest project yet 🙂

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